Palo Cortado vintage 1998


On very rare occasions, Bodegas Tradición, with almost 400 years of family experience in the ageing of sherry wines, identifies, selects, and separates a cask whose wine has unique characteristics that make it unmistakably suitable for static ageing.  This exceptional wine rests in contact with the wood until it reaches its point of maximum organoleptic excellence. 

In 1998, one of these unusual casks, no. 785, was selected and has been cared for ever since by Bodegas Tradicion and controlled by the Regulatory Council. After 25 years, this particular cask has been selected for its cleanliness and overwhelming elegance, as well as a freshness unbecoming of a wine that has spent such a long time in static ageing. This is a tremendously gracious wine, very light at the beginning despite its alcohol content, but with great power in the aftertaste.

Limited and numbered production (400 bottles).

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