"To drink wines from Bodegas Tradición is to drink time.
It is to appreciate quality, respect its processes and celebrate tradition".

At Bodegas Tradición, we have rescued the traditional winemaking style and procedures that gave Jerez its splendour, with the aim of producing wines of the highest certified quality. Wines that are as sublime as they are limited and rare, resulting in a production philosophy that is inevitably exclusive. It is our desire, commitment, and mission to safeguard this project that gives continuity to our family winemaking tradition and, generation after generation, safeguards our essence, the essence of Jerez.

Key historic events of a family owned winery dedicated to the production and ageing of exclusive wines from Jerez
(1650 – present day)


Exclusivity, elegance, mystery and tradition…

In 1650 Pedro Alonso Cabeza de Aranda y Zarco founded Bodegas CZ, considered the oldest winery on record and re-founded under the name of Bodegas Tradición CZ. Very old wines and brandy de Jerez, which we only produce according to the highest quality standards as certified by the Regulatory Council”.


Bodegas CZ, supplier to the British Royal Household"

In 1771, Bodegas CZ becomes a supplier to the British Royal Household when it receives its first order from the court of Prince William Henry, Duke of Gloucester and brother of King George III.


“Supplier to the
Spanish Royal Household”

In 1887, the winery becomes an official supplier to the Spanish Royal Family with authorisation to use the royal coat of arms on its wine labels.


Appellation of Origin of

In 1933, the Regulatory Council of the Appellation of Origin (Denominacion de Origen -D.O.) of Jerez-Xérès-Sherry was constituted, the first one to be established in Spain and therefore, the oldest in the country.  Formed by winemakers and winegrowers from the Marco de Jerez, it held its first meeting in August 1934 and a year later, in January 1935, it published the first regulations of the Appellation of Origin, which served as a model for other Spanish appellations that arose later.


Bodegas Tradicion is born

In 1998 Mr. Joaquín Rivero re-founded Bodegas CZ under the name of Bodegas Tradición CZ. In his eagerness to recover his family’s historical links with wine and the world of winemaking, he acquired an old building in the historic centre of Jerez and began to select wines from old, exceptional, but almost forgotten, soleras.

From the beginning, Mr. Joaquín Rivero’s idea was to dedicate himself exclusively to the making and selling of very old wines, but it was not until the year 2000 that the “VOS” (Very Old Sherry) and “VORS” (Very Old and Rare Sherry) categories were officially recognised by the Jerez Regulatory Council. He was a true pioneer.


Inauguration of one of
the most important
art galleries in Andalusia

In 2005 the Bodegas Tradición art gallery was inaugurated in the very heart of the winery. It is one of the best private collections of paintings in Andalusia, with works by Spanish painters from the 14th to the 19th century, including masters such as Goya, Picasso, Zurbarán, Velázquez, Murillo, Sorolla and El Greco, among others. It is conceived as a changing exhibition so that the works of greatest interest can be exhibited.


Helena Rivero takes over the presidency

In 2016, Mr. Joaquín Rivero passes away at the age of 72 and his daughter Helena takes over the winery, continuing the unstoppable expansion of this legendary family winery, while reaping a multitude of international awards.