Brandy Platinum - Solera Gran Reserva

This exceptional brandy is the result of the fusion of historic soleras from bodegas in the Marco de Jerez, with an average age of 40 years.  Aged in American oak casks that held Pedro Ximénez type wine, its incomparable quality is reflected in the vinosity and cleanliness of its intense aroma and its extraordinary length on the palate.

The bottle, worthy of the quality of this brandy, is a glass flask that is hand-blown and hand-cut at the Real Fábrica de Cristal de La Granja, an institution that preserves the most traditional glass-making methods in Spain and is recognised worldwide for its cultural and artistic value, as well as having been a supplier to the Spanish Royal Household since the 18th century.

Bottled in limited series of a maximum of 150 bottles per year, Brandy Tradición Platinum is an oenological gem, a product of the millenary wine culture of our region.

Limited production of 150 bottles per year.

Technical Specifications