This is an unique Sherry. A delicate and elegant bouquet and a structured and powerful taste. It comes from a very special wine selection. A whim of the nature that, after a lengthy ageing process in American oak barrels with ‘Gran Solera’, gives rise to this exclusive and limited wine.



It’s perfect accompanied by Iberian products – ham, cane of loin – and also fried almonds. But it’s insurmountable when combined with ‘mojama’ or ‘maruca’ (dried salted tuna) or smoked cod. Foie-gras, both fresh and mi-cuit, oysters, sea urchin, salmon sashimi and more delicate fish sushi like amberjack or butterfish and the ‘Palo Cortado’ are perfectly matched.


Average old age: 32 years

Volatile acidity: 1,01 gr/l

Total acidity: 7,39 gr/l

Alcoholic content: 19,5%

Grape variety: Palomino Fino 100%