This exceptional oloroso with a very prolonged ageing using the traditional soleras and criaderas system is the outcome of a special selection of wines from particular Palomino grape vineyards. Aged in barrels with longstanding experience in keeping exceptional wines of the same style, the result is this unique and complex oloroso with its high concentration of bouquets.

This exceptional oloroso is the result of prolonged ageing in wood and in contact with the open butts of must from the wine proceeding from a Palomino grape that never had a yeast coat. Many years as a vintage, and many more under the criaderas and soleras system produce the effect found in this wine, with a mahogany colour with copper tones and a nose of notes of nuts, toasted and balsamic notes, a sweet aroma and highly evolved vinosity. In the mouth, it is velvety, powerful and harmonious, with great retronasal qualities and persistence, all due to the concentration of its components, which after more than forty years of ageing result in this intensity and complexity of aromas. Limited production.


Average age: 45 years

Volatile acidity: 1,87 gr/l

Total acidity: 8,17 gr/l

Alcohol content: 20%

Grape variety: Fino Palomino 100%