This exceptional Oloroso from a lengthy ageing whit the ‘Soleras’ and ‘Criaderas’ system, is the result of a special selection of wines from certain Palomino grape vineyards. It’s ageing in specific barrels of great experience with the custody of exceptional wines of the same class, gives as a result this unique Oloroso Sherry, complex and with a great concentration of aromas.

This exceptional Oloroso is the result of an extended ageing process in wood and the contact with air coming from Palomino grape’s wine that never had a veil of ‘flor’ yeast. A lot of years as ‘añada’ and much more by the ‘Criaderas’ and ‘Soleras’ system produce its intense mahogany colour with copper tones, a bouquet that reminds of nuts, toasted touches, balsamic, sweet aroma and a very evolved wine quality. The taste is velvety, powerfull, harmonious, high retro-nasal and persistent, all this due to the high concentration of its componentes that ,after more than forty years of ageing, culminate in this intensity and complexity of aromas. Limited production.


Average old age: 45 years

Volatile acidity: 1,87 gr/l

Total acidity: 8,17 gr/l

Alcoholic content: 20%

Grape variety: Palomino Fino 100%