This is a wine in full maturity, it’s the result of a long elaboration process under a veil of ‘flor’ yeast in American oak barrels with the ‘soleras’ and ‘criaderas’ system.

Very dry, it denotes a salinity, complexity, intensity and length difficult to compare, that offers a long lasting taste on the palate. This is a pure, serious, traditional breed of ‘Fino’. Old ‘Fino’, Tradition: Unique quality. Limited production.


It’s preferable to consume it cool, in a wineglass, and it results extraordinary when combined with nuts, pickles, seafood, fish or dried salted food.


Average old age: 10-12 years

Volatile acidity: 0,07 gr/l

Total acidity: 4,01 gr/l

Alcoholic content: 15%

Grape variety: Palomino Fino 100%

Bottle in 360º