Over twenty-five years old brandy. Complex but friendly.

This brandy is the result of the union of excellent ‘holandas’ (fortifying spirit) and liquors that have been aged for years in American oaks barrels that previously contained ‘Oloroso Sherry’ wines, having currently an average age over twenty-five years.

It is qualified as Solera Gran Reserva, although this nomination does not contribute to our products oldness, since it’s a nomination for any brany older than three years. At present this brandy continues ageing in American oak barrels that were used for the elaboration of our Oloroso Tradición VORS.

The complexity of this brandy in well-known, but its gentleness, in bouquet as in the mouth, makes it a very tempting and at the same time simple drink for those that haven’t yet been initiated in the appreciation of brandy. Its spicy aromas – of clove and nutmeg – toasty notes from noble old wood, roasted and pipe tobacco, with a heart of liqueur chocolate, invite you to taste it.

Its a nice companion for dark chocolate, medium to strong Havana cigars and nuts. For more daring tastes its recommended for certain types of cheese, like Idiazábal. The ideal temperature for tastings during winter is from 16ºC to 18ºC, but we recommend not to serve it in a brandy snifter to avoid the concentration of the alcohol. The ideal would be a tulip-shaped glass or a Burgundy wine glass. Its very nice with ice both in summer and winter.