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Platinum SGR


More than 25 years old…complex but gentle

Brandy Tradidion Platinum is the maximal expression of palomino fino wine spirit aged for more than fifty years. The quality of the “holandas” and “aguardientes” is appreciated in its winy character and clean aroma and, at the same time, it clearly shows the influence of the wines which were previously kept in the same barrels, American oak casks which nested Pedro Ximénez wines of unparalleled quality.

On the nose we will find roasted aromas of nuts, herbs and spices, cinnamon, liquorices and tobacco leaves. Its power on the palate is unrivaled, with a sweet note at the beginning, but dry and bitter at the same time. Its length is unbelievable. This is a brandy to enjoy calmly, which matches great with bitter chocolate, pure cacao beans and medium to strong Habana cigars.

Aiming to provide this jewel with an adequate presentation, we designed a personalized bottle following the manufacturing methods established by the Royal Glass Factory in La Granja, according to its 18th century standards. This factory not oly supplies the Royal family since it started producing, but it also has a worldwide recognized value for its cultural and artistic heritage. The design is exclusive to Bodegas Tradición, and it is handmade, blown and carved, according to La Granja Factory procedures. Every bottle is exclusive and production is limited to five hundred bottles per year, hand labeled and numbered. Brandy Tradicion Platinum: unique quality, limited production.

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